Friday, September 24, 2010

every school across Canada...'s FRIDAY!...
Today's post is dedicated to Terry amazing young man who unfortunately passed due to cancer in 1981.He contracted Bone Cancer at the young age of 18...and whilst in hospital(after having had his leg amputated), saw all the young kids who were also suffering, he decided to raise money for Cancer research by running across Canada.
 His run started from St.Johns in Newfoundland and had to stop much to his dismay, in Thunder Bay Ontario...he was running on average 42 km a day...that's a whole Marathon...from April 12th to September first. A year later Terry passed away as the Cancer had spread to his lungs.
To date, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised close to $500 million. Terry Fox is a hero amongst every Canadian, and every year around this time, Schools take a day to remember and raise money for his Foundation.
Both our girls will be running today at school...and I'll be joining them.

I really do love how Canadians honor their heros...
How does your Country honor theirs?

Have a wonderful weekend...what are you up to? Tonight we're celebrating 2 birthdays...2 lovely ladies on our street have september a delicious meal is in store for us all.

P.S. Will be able to show you the work which I have been busy finishing this week...Cindy and family came home with their little Zi from china last night...we went to the airport to meet them all...very emotional...wonderful to see the family together.


Anonymous said...


I hope you enjoy your run, and being that I use to run half marathons, a task of running a full one every day sounds like pure heroism.

Here in the US lately it seems that in the news are only reporting on fallen soldiers as heroes, they are honored with military ceremonies, but I wish we could join the way you Canadians do.

Well just cheking in on a friend...


Silke said...

Oh, that is wonderful - so inspiring! I hope all of you will have a great run!! Love, Silke

Char said...

what a great tribute to the young man

lisette said...

Have a good run!
What a sad but also such a great, great story!

JooJoo said...

I'm so proud of you Char! Have a great run! Big hugs!! xoxo :)

pixelhazard said...

how inspirational.

Bright Green Laces

red-handed said...

Terry Fox ... one of the good ones.

Jen said...

That is so neat. Thanks for sharing that. Cute artwork to go with it. :0)


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