Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family is everything...'s been a little while since I played and had fun...I love collaging with paper and drawing on top...
Beth, a friend, gave birth to her 5th daughter just a few months ago...AND just 2  days ago another friend,Hailie, gave birth to her 5th daughter...10 girls between them!
I finished Beth's picture (above) now to finish Hailie's.
I thought they were a lovely way to celebrate their journey of Motherhood.
CONGRATS're amazing women, your girls are very fortunate to have you.

Thanks for stopping by...
P.S.tomorrow I have some new material to show you...check back in the morning...OH, and Tuesday we have another Artist interview for our Tell ALL Tuesdays.


PoetessWug said...

Yeah, These women sound amazing!! I come from a large family too and I know how much work this really is!! They have great family, but apparently they have great supportive friends too!!! :-)

Tabiboo said...

I do love this picture - It looks and feels sooooo familiar.

Congrats to your friends.

Nina xxx

rachel awes said...

i love these
so very dearly
really truly
deeply oogily
a lot!!!
can you feel me
take their hand
& skip with them
with my heart
on my sleeve?!

Luzia said...

It´s so sweet! I love this kind of family illustration phantasy. Hugs from Luzia.


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