Friday, October 29, 2010

what should I do with these?

HELLO...yes, I was sick...hence the photo of the chicken noodle soup :-) Thanks for the well wishes. So staying on a HEALTH kick, we went on a field trip the other day with our girls schools...and were sent home with THESE...cauliflower-cabbage and brussels.
Do I have any idea of making deliciousness with these three veggies? NOPE.
Do you know any recipes? Please send me something I can try in these next couple of days...
THANK YOU...(I love all foods...have no allergies)

Have a HAPPY Halloween weekend...
I'll be back this weekend with updates on a painting I'm working on and NEW PIN ideas...and beginings :-)



pilli pilli said...

Ooops! I guess I guessed wrong... but then, it just looked so yummy, that my taste buds clouded my judgement! :o)

as I'm a 'Brussels Sprout' myself, I guess it's only fair to tell you what my grandmother used to do with them... and it's still quite popular! (I love it for example!) Well, in Belgium, cabbages often end up in what (in Brussels dialect) is called 'Stoemp', which means something like 'mush' or 'pulp'... OK. This tastes better than it sounds. Bear with me!

The idea is to prepare some mashed potatoes and cook the cabbages, and then you mix them together! The red cabbages make miracle mash, as they colour the potatoes blue! My oma used to add an apple to them to make them sweet..., and the brussels sprouts - stoemp is delicious with some mustard!

And now I want some... so that's decided for lunch! :o)


PS. The most popular Belgian 'stoemp' is the one with carrots!!

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said... may be converting me...Thanks K!
I think I'll try both of them...the blue mash sounds FAB!

andrea creates said...

Hope you're feeling better!
I'm not much of a cook-I only like to make desserts ;) but I would probably make a(nother) soup of some kind with all those veggies :)
Have a Happy Weekend!

Katie Green said...

Cauliflowers works great in the curry recipe in Green Bean 6 (whether you include squash or not!).

I like cabbage stir-fried with a bit of chilli and soy sauce (r sweet chilli is good too).

And sprouts? Sprouts might be my all time favourite vegetable. Steamed they are lovely, but sometimes I roast them with a few cloves of garlic and they go all crisp on the outside and turn to wonderful garlicky mush on the inside. Yum!

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

YUM...thanks Katie...I am getting more excited about using these veggies.


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