Monday, November 1, 2010

2 bears completed...yay!

I really enjoy productive days like today...shame it was because the house was sick...
thanks SO much for all your well really does help I'm sure...
So, below as you can see...are the other 2 Once Upon a Time watercolours.
I've never drawn a cartoon character before...I really love how it turned out...hope the owner loves it.
ok...that's it for me today.



Silke said...

You have been busy, dear Char! But I'm sorry that your little girls are under the weather! I hope they feel better soon!! Love, Silke

Jen said...

They are the best bears ever. Winnie looks great.

Thanks for the well wishes for Sydney, too. She has a bad cough and a horrible gag reflex. Darn it. Who throws up when they cough...and all over the carpet? My daughter does. :(

Alina Chau said...


Joyce said...

Your sweet bears are beautiful! Some little one is going to be very lucky. xo


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