Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Load...

It's mid-November already!!! I can't believe we're at the end of 2010 is it possible that a year can pass SO quickly? Do you think it would still pass this quickly if we all lived in the Caribbean?

I've been fortunate this past week that so many projects have come my way.
Here's the you remember our Tell All Tuesdays with Nerissa? Well...just as many of the past requests...she wanted something for her and her family.She has 4 adorable children and a very supportive husband.
Her Cupcake business has taken off...if you live in the Durham Region or GTA she has specials on "Cupcake Friday"...go to her Facebook Page.
They really are the BEST cupcakes around!

It was so much fun to do...I'm really enjoying this series.

When I get a chance I will be updating my Etsy Store and reminding you about new well as the end of year sale I'll be having.
I have a new watercolour to finish...I'll show you the progress tomorrow.

HOPING all is well with you.


pilli pilli said...

Hello Char!

The year díd fly buy didn't it?!
But I guess that is because we have all been so very busy... which is good, right? :o)
Anyway, I'm happy you have so many orders to work on! They seem like some really nice projects!
And about those cupcakes...your description got me mouth-watering, so too bad Canada is too far away to hop over for a special breakfast! :D

and have a great week!

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

So loving your family load series Char, they are so sweet and a really nice view on a mothers love! A reflection on you and your family I think! Talk about flying by, the year is whizzing by, I must start thinking about Christmas presents! Sorry I haven't posted for an age again - my computer keeps breaking so I am stuck on my lovely hubbies, but can't put my pix on there! Maybe by the new year I will be up and running! Much love to you all, Tam xxxxx

Silke said...

Hi Char! I am with you on the time - where has this year gone?!? And it seems like every year passes faster! I love this latest piece you did! These family drawings are amazing!! Love, Silke

andrea creates said...

I can't believe it's already November either! Time needs to slow down a bit for me lately ;)
Great drawings :)

PoetessWug said...

I love this drawing!!! I love it when art says exactly what's going on. Yep! He's carrying a load of responsibility! :-)


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