Monday, November 22, 2010

sour after-taste

 the weekend was wonderful...we saw good friends, ate wonderful food...the girls had a blast with their new Bey Blades. Today we went to the Ontario Science Centre with the girls as it was my husband's work Holiday Party...we saw an IMAX movie...little J was clinging to me the whole way was their first IMAX movie..."Under the Sea". Gorgeous photography!
Finished a commission this evening...on tracK for 2 more paintings tomorrow...getting ready for this Saturday...I am participating in a little Shopping Event in a very quaint neighbouring town...and realised this evening...that my planning and advising of this event way in advance...all went to pot.
I will say no more...I am upset, disappointed...and let down as I feel my worth rather small in my World...I know I will sort it all out...and I will wake up stronger in the morning...but sometimes stronger has consequences.
Have a wonderful Monday...I may check in...
HUGS to you all.


pilli pilli said...

Hello Char!

I'm sorry that you feel let down!
Unfortunately working together with other people isn't always easy, and the blow always comes hardest when you've given most... which we all know is something that comes naturally to you & we love you for it!

So I hope the memory of your lovely weekend (and succes of many new project that will follow) will be able to wash away this sour aftertaste!


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks K...I appreciate the kind and thoughtful words...

Jen said...

Sorry life isn't going as planned, but on the bright side....I love that tractor art! So cute! Where do you come up with these things? You are brilliant!

Chin up sweetie. Love ya!!!

Char said...

oh no! i hope it turns out well in the long run. sometimes the best laid know the saying.

looks like you have some cute new ideas though.


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