Monday, January 24, 2011

Mondays mentions...and crafting this past weekend...

 Hello there...before we get to our " Monday's Mentions",I'd like to introduce to you our cat Jazzy...she LOVES to get involved(literally).
She sat (very close by) whilst I cut out ALL 437 hearts for our daughter's class Valentine's projects which I have offered to do with them.
I'm really very fortunate to have 2 lovely teachers who welcome the help within their classrooms.So for this project the Kindergarten class which Miss J is in will write out 7 names of the people they LOVE...and then copy the names on each heart. THEN, the fun part, we will paint the hearts or stamp them...I haven't figured out which yet.
 I have cut one LARGE heart for each of them which will say "I LOVE YOU" on it...and hanging from the large heart will be all the smaller ones.
It'll be a fun project...
 Miss A will be working on the same project, but their class will have 14 hearts to hang from their main one...and they will have to write...14 names of people they love and WHY they love them...a little more challenging, but they are in Grade 1.
 I bagged every project in individual Zip-lock bags...this way their teachers will find it easier to store from week to week. I'm prettyy excited about starting this...I will go in this afternoon to start with Miss J's class.
Here's another fun drawing exercise which the girls did on Friday...they had a friend over for a play-date, so I covered the kitchen table with paper(something I should do more often as it inspired them to sit and draw) and they had fun colouring...
 Miss J always asks me to draw something...this time it was girls(as their very into their dolls right now) so I drew some but without hair...this way their imagination could run a little...
 I love afternoons like this...
 especially when it's -26 degrees out there!!!
 We're getting the true Canadian Winter here this week...and we still went skiing on was only -40 with the windchill!!!
So...onwards with our Mondays Mentions.
*Monday's mentions*
is a Monday ritual to open doors to creative Souls who blog and live the "handmade" pledge...who you may or may not know already... enjoy.

As we're on the subject of "Crafts", I think it appropriate to mention some Crafters out there today whom I adore to visit on a regular bases...some have become great friends.
FIRST we have Andrea from Andrea Creates,she's truly a crafty lady who creates wonderful pouches, clips, name it...she can make it. She's also a very sweet lady...who always encourages us over here at our blog...thank you Andrea!
SECOND I would like to introduce you to "K" from a Bit of PilliPilli...a beautiful Dutch crafter living in Italy...her sewing skills are incredible and I just adore her photography!
Another friend who I have made through BLOGland...Thank you K!(P.S.she's been featured as one of our Tell ALL Tuesdays at top!)
and THIRD I have to mention Sandra from Herzenart ...WOW...I just adore her Viking creations...she's a true crafter and always has an interesting post...thanks Sandra!!

DON"T forget to leave me your link to your Mondays Mentions...I always love hearing about other bloggers who create and make...

Off to clean my Laundry...and run errands...amongst other things...
What are you up to today?

snowy hugs


Juanita Tortilla said...

First up, I need to give Jazzy a shout out -- Jazzy is soooo cuuute!!! :)

Oh, this Monday Mentions is such a neat idea.

And what a cool mum you are. I would totally always want to hang out in your home, because I want to colour those dolls :)

Well, my day is almost ending. What I was up to today was a brief visit and chat with friends downtown, and a lunch with the hubs. Quite a nice day, all n all :)

PoetessWug said...

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but I just had to say hi to Jazzy. "Hi Jazzy!!" :-) Also, the idea about putting paper all over the dinner table is such a great idea!!! :-)

andrea creates said...

thanks for including me in your monday's mentions :)

how fun, getting to do art projects with the kids' classes! volunteering at school is something i used to do a lot but not so much since we moved...i really miss it.
have fun with the valentine projects!!

*have a great monday*

herzensart said...

wow looks like a heart cutting marathon, what a lovely project! Thank you Char for the Monday mentioning! Hugs to you

Silke said...

OMG, I cannot believe you cut that many hearts from cardboard. You are one amazing mom!! Super cute kitty - I'm glad you had some help!!! Love, silke

Char said...

i love the coloring book and creativity. so very sweet

and you are a wonderful mom - cardboard is not fun to cut at all

the sleepy time gal said...

oh, my goodness! i love the doll without-hair concept! i bet they dd love that! great little drawings, too!

pilli pilli said...

Oh my!!!
Thank you so much for this sweet mention!
I'm so happy to have met you too, and I really value our friendship!
It's such a good example of the fact that people càn actually become friends online!!

And I was (almost) equally pleased to meet Jazzy! Such a pretty cat! (Maybe he could become friends with our Miss Maia?)

& have a wonderful day!!!

PS. I'm actually belgian!


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