Thursday, January 20, 2011

While I was out...

 Hello lovelies...I know...I didn't think I would be back either...BUT I had to share my buys with you today...
I can say these are from my parents for I was given a little speding money and had to indulge...
Do you own Carla Sonheim's DRAWING LAB for mixed media artists? I love it...I have read SO many fabulous reviews about it...and thought I would check it out in person...I couldn't put it into my basket and home it came.(after paying ofcourse!!!)
 There are 52 creative exercises  in the book and they're all fun and probably not something I would even think to push myself in doing...I know as an artist I seem to get stuck in a rutt and do the same old things, using the same old techniques over and over.
 She helps you see things differently...out of the box rather than trapped in it!
 I really am inspired  by people and there is a whole section dedicated to this...and one dedicated to being inspired by's a MUST!!! It'll give you creative ideas and expand your creativity.I am currently working on LAB 16, and am LOVING it.
THIS amazing book- "Creative Illustration Workshop for mixed media Artists"...truly is a masterpiece in itself...and her work remind's me a little of Mark Chagall's written and illustrated by Katherine Dunn.'s what I need right now. I believe sometimes when you're searching too hard...images don't come. AND yet, all you need to do is "remember" images...we have a life-time of images stored in our memories...I need to use them.
Katherine Dunn amongst MANY other things has taught me to remember.
Thank you Katherine!
 On a COMPLETELY different note...we went grocery shopping today...the above picture is what I would have ONLY bought if Miss J wasn't with me today!!!
The picture below is what Miss J pleaded with me to buy...I have to hide the majority of them as Mr R will devour them if not!!! ( sweet teeth in this House!!!)
Sometimes a little junk is good for the cold days of Winter..especially chocolate!(uuuhheemmm...cough...cough)

Well...I am off now...signing out...see you tomorrow.
I hope you've had a wonderful day...
 sweet HUGS


PoetessWug said...

Art...AND chocolate! It doesn't get any better than that! :-) Looks like a good road trip!

We Blog Artists said...

It was ...thank you!

Char said...

those do look yummy - i was supposed to shop tonight but i just didn't have it in me.

Rebekka Seale said...

I have GOT to check that book out!!!

Kelly Berkey said...

that book looks awesome, and so do those goodies! xo

Silke said...

Oooo, I have to check out those books! they look amazing!! So glad you visited my blog!! Much love, Silke

GroovyMoments said...

Wintry days definitely seem to inspire junk food eating and book buying!! I've had to start sending some of our sweets with the hubby to his work to get it out of my reach!
Isn't it just way too hard to resist a great art book???

pilli pilli said...

The 'drawing lab' has been in my amazon cart for ages now, but after such a brilliant review of one of my most valued friends, I think it shall soon have to travel to my home!
So, thanks a million for sharing!
You convinced me!

& have a wonderful day!

Tara said...

I have had my eye on "Drawing Lab" but have only recently started drawing again after about a 20 year break. Is the book more geared towards those with experience or is it also suitable for beginners? Oh, and I think there is a good balance in the groceries. And it is really cold out. Chocolate helps with that.:)


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