Monday, January 31, 2011

why not!

Why not go sledding...or sledging(as we say in the UK) JUST before Sunset...
I think we had 20 minutes before the Sun went was beautiful!
 A small enough hill that the kids never tired of walking back up to the top...
 and a large enough hill that there were screams of speed and laughter at the bottom!
 Here in Canada you HAVE to enjoy the Winters...if'll be pretty down and out for half the year!
 I didn't use a flash for any of you can see (uhheem) so I did need to up the brightness and contrast before posting them on our blog.

I'll be returning later for our "Monday mentions"...but wanted to THANK all of you for your input with regards to my Summer Art Camp flyer/venture...THANK YOU!!!
And to say Happy Monday....we're going to get LOTS of snow up is it where you are today?

My Sis B is expecting to give birth any day now to #2...we're so excited over here...
Good Luck B!

Mum...Hi, I know you've finally got on the internet and are eading daily...I love that I can leave you little messages.

HUGS to you all.


Tabiboo said...

I think I like sledging - my mum would correct me if I said sledding.

Such great fun.

take care,

Nina xxx

PoetessWug said...

It's good to see SOMEBODY enjoying this snow!!...YAY for baby too! :-)

cindy said...

so much fun!


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