Monday, February 28, 2011

Mondays mentions...and a little pirouette.

It's Monday again!!! and very nearly, I can already see this year speeding ahead of me...and me running to catch up!
I promised my parents I would add some pictures of the girls open house they had at Ballet last weekend.(don't forget to scroll down for our Monday's mentions!!)
 I love the Dance School they're at, it's so pressure...they can wear what they like as long as they have pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

 I'm not sure if this is the route they would like to go...they really don't practice at home ever (bad Mummy) but they do love going...and have never complained about going.

These are their costumes from last year's Ballet recital...Jordan had wings to go with hers...excuse the blurriness...the flash didn't do any of the photos justice so I ended up turning it off...they're in 2 separate classes...but Jordan is catching up with her sister fast! Because she started when she was just 2 1/2...she is the youngest in her class...I just love watching them dance!
Ok...thank you for bearing with me on our little ballerina fix....

ANY little person would LOVE a Thomas and Olivia ABC Poster  I know I would!!!(quick...they're going fast!!!)
To camp out in your own Tipi...would be pretty great!
Elisabeth from Fine Little Day has a Fine Little Gallery where you can submit your kids photos of their ART...of course I submitted ours...go HERE and try and find their drawings...Miss J had some pretty wacky hair that day!
Last but not least...have you heard of Mae? It's a Shop,a blog and a website run by 3 lovely ladies and they make the most gorgeous fabric wall decals which anyone would have fun with.
Hope you love our mentions....I know they're quite "little" orientated today...but little is a LARGE part of our lives.

JUST quickly...I guess this is my last mention...Happy Birthday's your gift.(hope everyone gets over that stomach bug and then we can catch up!)

HUGS to you all...I look forward to seeing what you've been up to this weekend.
If you have any Monday Mentions...remember to add your link in the comments area.



blue china studio said...

Your girls looks so cute! I love their little ballerina outfits.

Have a great Monday!

Tabiboo said...

Aaaawwww - such beautiful ballerina's though 'ssshhhhhh' my little one doesn't practise at home either.

take care,

Nina x

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks BCS...I love their outfits too.

And Nina...I just don't want them to feel like it's a chore...they have homework from school and that's enough!

Kelly Berkey said...

i want to dance with those sweet angels!! i love their little ballet slippers...i wish i still had mine!! the new blog look!

We Blog Artists said...

Hey Kelly, funnily enough I have kept theirs since they were 2...

Tara said...

Don't apologize for the ballerina photos. They look beautiful.

cindy said...

they are the cutest ballerinas!


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