Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's LESSONS

 Hello lovelies...I hope you had a wonderful weekend...ours overflowed into Monday...that's why there was no post yesterday.

Our weekend was full of family times...I took the girls to the Justin Beiber movie...they enjoyed it, but couldn't understand why all those girls were crying?(fans)...their Ballet studio had an open house, which meant we could sit in and watch them throughout their classes...perhaps I'll post some picks tomorrow.Such a proud Mama!

We also learnt some lessons this weekend...one was not to break Mummy's heart with words which could have been thought about before being said...it made for a rough day for me yesterday...that's Life though...and hope the lesson was learnt.
I received a note from Miss A...hugs...hugs and more hugs were given and received.
The Sun can't even warm us up today as the wind chill of -25 is just fighting any rays which may be trying to remind us of it's warmth.Thanks for trying Sun...

hugs (coz I need lots)


Char said...

ohhh, poor little dear. that is a struggle i have all my life. just like amy in little women.

We Blog Artists said...

Really? Just hard when you're on the receiving end.

andrea creates said...

aw, at least she left you a 'sorry' note. these things happen-some days are hard ;)

we saw the bieber movie last week-and are supposed to see it again!

just jane said...

Those are tough times, hearing hateful things come out of the one you care about the most. It is a part of growing up..the note shows how good a mother you are. Hopefully those lessons fade from your memory and stick with her, forever. Peace

pilli pilli said...

Oh sweetie... that must be so tough! Not being a mother, I can only begin to imagine how it feels...
And it also makes me think abut how my mother must have felt at times... I mean, as children, we really don't understand how strongly what we say or do can affect others close to us...

But I guess that if you look on the bright side, the message she left you does show that you must be an amazing mom, because she did learn the lesson, and what's more important is that at some point she has obviously learnt to apologize, and to reach out after we've hurt the ones we love!

And that's another thing to be a proud mama for!


PoetessWug said...

Some lessons about the use of our words are hard to learn, but the earlier you learn...the more love remains in the universe!...And in the hearts of the people who accept those precious words: "I'm sorry." :-]

We Blog Artists said...

Andrea: Yes, at least there was a very heartfelt "sorry" after the fact...I know she cares...perhaps just expressing is difficult for her.

Just Jane : Yes, I think "Growing ups as a mother" would have been a more appropriate title...thanks for passing by JJ!

K : Lessons learnt...thanks for the words of encouragement...I think it's a little bit of pay-back to how I was with my dad! :-(

PW : the sorry was accepted...and hopefully those words said will soften in my mind...but will be remmebered...and not said again by miss A.

suzanneberry said...

this is an amazing photo, she is just lovely. i would love permission to paint this. no obligation whatsoever and it's cool if the answer is no. i'm glad she apologized so lovingly.

Tara said...

To think before we speak is a lesson we continue to learn right on into adulthood sometimes. But followed by such a sweet note. We saw Gnomeo and Juliette although my oldest son wants to see the Beiber movie. My husband is resisting.

Kelly Berkey said...

big hugs sweet lady! you know, our children have no idea what joy and heart ache they bring us...just like us with our parents;-)
darling note, something you will cherish, long after the hurt is gone.

We Blog Artists said...

massive hugs to you from over here! Hard to hear bad things from the mouths of babes, but sweet she wrote you a note to say sorry. Hope you are all ok today, you are one fantastic mummy, don't ever forget that! Tam xxxxxxx


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