Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goodbye Winter...HELLO Spring!

 I really must start by saying HURRAH...SPRING is HERE!!!!
Although from my pictures below...we really don't seem to be getting much "Spring" as of yet!
Those where taken from our walk the other day...crisp,white snow...and high contrasting  silhouettes.
Here's a family portrait I finished before the weekend. I'm really excited about being able to schedule Photo sessions in my new/future studio....this way I'll be able to use better lighting and gain better contrasts. Trust me, I appreciate the commissions I received...but trying to create depth from a flat image, can sometimes be a challenge.
I love the little Baby...she really is JUST as bright eyed as in the picture!

SO happy to be in Spring....but sad to loose all these shadows and bright days, snowflakes and snowmen.

 What will you miss about Winter??

So...we say finally..."Goodbye Winter"...and HELLO Spring!
I will be starting my seedlings soon...herbs, tomatoes,peppers...what are you growing this year?

Until tomorrow's Monday Mentions...bon nuit...


pilli pilli said...

Hello Char!

I'm glad to see you had such a lovely walk, even if indeed it wasn't very spring-like yet up there!
But to be honest, that is a thing I could miss about winter; those crisp days with beautiful white snow, and a perfectly blue sky! They always make me feel so light ad alive...

As for planting; now that we moved back to the city, I don't think we'll be growing much... except maybe for some mint, basil and rosemary on the balcony!

& have a wonderful week!

PoetessWug said...

Oh! I love that sketch!!! The baby looks like it's leaping for joy right off of the page! :-) You're so good!!...By the way, what will I miss about winter this year?! Let me think.......NOTHING!!!! :-) Goodbye winter and good rid-dings!! ^_^

Tara said...

Lovely family portrait. The eyes are amazing. I haven't started anything from seed in years but I think this may be the spring I start again. I'm thinking some herbs so I can use them in my soap making.


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