Monday, March 7, 2011

Mondays studio and LOST teeth!

It's a FREEZING cold Monday girls were under-dressed going to school today so I'm about to rush up there with an extra sweater for each of them...we're in March and it's still 20 below Zero...I know...I know...what can I expect living here in Canada?
At least the Sun is shining... right?!

SO...LOTS of work has been going on in our husband has become VERY handy and is slowly finishing our basement...STAGE 3 and we're finally on MY studio...YAY...with my decision to start teaching kids this Summer...he is pushing to get it finished in time.
I spent hours cleaning my area and Mr R got the whole room framed(as you can see from these pics above).
This morning I took measurements of walls and windows...Mr R needs me to clarify where electrical outlets and lights etc should go.
So...over the next month and a half, I will be keeping you up to date with the progress of "my studio"...I am SO EXCITED...really, I have a buzzing energy inside...I'll finally be able to start a project and leave it out over night...usually I have to pack everything away so that we can eat dinner...
It's not a huge space...but with lots of Ikea storage...I will be able to organise and maneuver well in my studio.
He's even run an "air" line in from the compressor in the if I want to use an air brush or any tools which require air pressure...I'll be able to!
At the same time as my studio is being built, Mr. r is also finishing the "Dark Room"...this will be a fantastic hobby to teach our be able to develop their own photos...and to appreciate where photography came from and how we arrive at the finished print.
Both Mr. R and I have studied Photography...and we have the enlarger already.
Should be fun!

Here's Miss A with her TOOTHLESS smile...she was shy about me taking her photo...
Her tooth finally came out on Friday in her Assembly at school...they gave her that little tooth box on a string to keep her tooth safe...cute!

MONDAYs Mentions :: we're going SCANDINAVIAN with our links...
As many of you know I have a HUGE connection with Scandinavia...even though I have never actually lived parents are both Scandi...
I used to go to Danmark every Summer to visit our Farmor and Farfar(Grandparents)...they lived in Hellerup just outside Copenhagen.

I LOVE the little Danish stores...THIS one I have never been to...but would love to.Brinja also has a BLOG which is full of colour and family life.

I visit this Scandi lass quite frequently ... I adore the interiors she posts about and the Scandinavian design in general...MAMAMEKKO...

Reminds me of is ANOTHER brilliant Scandinavian(Finnish) designer...GO HERE to check out their designs.

A Swedish Artist...ALEXANDRA HEDBERG creates some amazingly interesting paintings...and is about to start a commission for the exterior of a building. I like seeing her work's progression.

And finally...Vilde from Norway has a blog (although there really are SO many Scandinavian links I could post...perhaps I should create a section JUST for this...) MY SCANDINAVIAN where I go to dream, of that perfect the water or in the City...gorgeous designed houses with such simplistic interiors.

Thanks for passing by today...I hope you enjoy all these links.
This afternoon I am working on a colour sketch for an Alice in Wonderland back-drop and I received a commission for a "Family Load" portrait...I LOVE COMMISSIONS!!! :-)

Until tomorrow...have a lovely's going to be a GREAT week!


Heather said...

great news about the basement! That's going to be a great place to work and create. love that toothless smile! I always take pics of my kids teeth to remeber how cute they are with the missing teeth! have a great day

Deanna said...

Oh how wonderful to have your own studio and a dark room! Can't wait to see the studio finished.

Ah, I remember when my children were little and how excited they were when they lost a tooth. My daughter used to get impatient and pull them out herself once they started getting loose. lol

erin said...

oh I love her smile! How fun. Looking forward to seeing more of your studio in process. :-)

andrea creates said...

you'll love having the finished space! i so enjoy my studio now :)
off to check your links :)
stay warm! still 20 below? i should stop complaining here ;)

amy said...

I am forever happy to find your blog! It's filled with splendid postings and inspirational designs.

Following you now!!
Thank god for artists*

hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^

Tara said...

Your very own studio! That is exciting. Can`t wait to see all the updates.

Jen said...

The studio will be an amazing space for you. That is wonderful.

I, too studied photography and would be in heaven with a dark room. Enjoy it every day!

Hope the Tooth Fairy finds your home tonight. Sleep well.

cindy said...

oh wow, it all looks great and i love the sound of having a darkroom. i can't wait to see what you do. love that smile too, but i suppose the visit from the tooth fairy was the best part ;)!

Brinja said...

Hi there,
Thank you so much for the link and sweet words :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Both building a new studio AND a dark room! wow. let's hope you'll show us more as it progresses.

thanks so very much for the mentioning!

Knotted Nest said...

Your studio will be so amazing! The fact that it's a blank canvas is great too because you can arrange it as you like. Am I the only one who loves moving around furniture?!?!

And the darkroom will be awesome for the kids. My dad built me one when I was a teenager and photography is still a big part of my life.


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