Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Cake...

 Thank you for the Birthday wishes...did you see the beautiful Horse Tam created in the post below?

I am having a lovely day, although I do wish I was closer to my siblings and parents at times like these...BUT...I didn't have to make a Bridget, a good friend of mine made THIS for me....isn't it perfect! She also treated to lunch yesterday...she made Roti!!! YUM...she's originally from Barbados...she has a Cake business which you can check out's called Bridget Bakes Cakes.

So I won't be sharing the recipe of my Mum's almond cake with you today...BUT...I promise I will one day :-)

This is a painting I finished for a friend as a very belated house warming gift.

I have to dash and get Miss A.

Enjoy your day!!!


Kim4leafclover said...

What a wonderful cake! What a lovely friend! Happy Birthday day Char!!!!!Big hugs!

Tara said...

Awesome cake and she made you roti. Lucky birthday girl. Beautiful painting. Enjoy the remainder of your special day. We are often able to stretch birthday celebrations out for three of four days. You should try that too.

We Blog Artists said...

Oh...thanks Kim!!!
I can't wait to try it!

Tara...I know, mine usually last a while too!


GroovyMoments said...

I love love LOVE the painting! Beautiful.
And what an amazing cake!! Happy Birthday :)

andrea creates said...

that's the perfect cake!
hope you're having a wonderful day :)

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks GoovyMoments...I like the painting too, it was a lovely change!

Andrea, I know...the perfect cake!
:-) thank you.

We Blog Artists said...

Wow the cake is perfect for you! I love her website, your cake is featured there already - that's organised! What a clever friend you have! Talking of clever friends, that's a great housewarming gift! Tam xxx

Cindy K said...

perfect for you and must be delicious, too.

We Blog Artists said...

Yes...she is VERY clever and her cakes are great!

The painting is 6 years over due!!!! friend didn't know what she wanted...and then we she wanted big...I said if she bought the canvas...I was cool with it...e voila!
:-) miss you Tam!

Kolleen said...

wishing you a magical day!!!

the cake is perfect...i love it!!!

and your painting.....BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!


Jen said...

Happy, happy birthday! Hope you get spoiled.

Silke said...

Wishing you a most wonderful birthday, Char!! That painting is just gorgeous - you are such a fantastic artist!! Much love and big hugs, Silke

Char said...

that cake is soooo cute and so fitting for you!!! happy happy birthday

PROVINS said...

Oh you have had your birthday!! Tillykke med fødselsdagen!! Og hip hip hurraaaa!!!
Knus herfra :-)

We Blog Artists said...

Kolleen...thank you for your B-day wishes...I had a lovely day!

Thanks Silke for passing by and the Birthday wishes...I know you've been really busy recently with your travels!

Char, thank you!

Emilia...mange tak! I was so blessed with many wonderful Birthday wishes...thank you all!


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