Wednesday, April 13, 2011

door to door...

 Hello, I know I usually do a "Wordeless Wednesday" post on Wednesdays...but I really wanted to show you how this little birdie flew all the way to a house where it has found it's new home.

Do you remember the Stamp I made?
Well it's being wrapped around MANY wonderful soaps.
Tara from On a Branch blogged about her Soaps and the packaging...I think packaging is SO important...and I really need to work on this a little more...aren't they beautiful!
 Good enough to eat!!
IF you live in the GTA and want to make a trip to Burlington this Saturday Tara is at a craft fair!(Saturday, April 16, 10-4, at Port Nelson Church, 3132 South Drive, the Burlington Crafters Craft Show)

Go and say hello...from me too as I am not able to make it out there...
Maybe in the Fall she'll be at out Mamas and Chicks Show selling her knits and soaps!

I am taking a wee blog break...I won't disappear completely as I will be showing pictures of what I am up to...BUT I may not be checking in daily.
Our Mamas and Chicks Show is in 2 weeks time...and I need to focus  100% on finishing products for my Blueshine Art table.

I have added NEW PRINTS to my ETSY shop...I have one more to add this morning...and then will start placing more "stamps" up is not great for photos though...Very dreary...grey and wet.

HAVE a wonderful day...
Happy doing what you do...



Sandy K. said...

Happy Wednesday! I love your traveling bird - you're right about the packaging being important!

I have tried to email to request your address(s) so I can send your participation gift from 4Pointsphotograhy! Shoot me an email when you can and I'll send my own package to you:) Thank you again! -Sandy

andrea creates said...

how fun is that! i love great packaging too...
good luck with your show!

pilli pilli said...

Oh Char! Those bordies! They look EVER so sweet!!!
And I think you are Absolutely right about packaging! It's the first thing a customer sees when their treasures arrive... and so I always put A LOT of effort in the wrapping and packaging!
And guess what? Wrapping a little 'gift' for a customer from some faraway place is FUN for me too! It always feels a bit like a holiday!

and good luck with the show!
We'll be waiting patiently for your posts to appear!

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Sandy...I'll email you this afternoon!

Thanks Andrea! sweet...I will be checking in throughout the week.
Your packaging is always gorgeous!

cindy k said...

the look so tweet, i mean sweet ;). i agree on the packaging. good luck with the show!

Susan said...

Simple touches add so much to a gift. Have a great show and look forward to having you back soon. XOXO


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