Friday, April 8, 2011

I love them!

HAPPY FRIDAY!! My Postcards arrived yesterday from VistaPrint...have you used them before?
The quality is really very good, I opted for the gloss finish on the front...and you can upload ANY image.
One year for our Mamas and Chicks Show I made it look like a postcard at the back so people could actually use it AS a postcard...I may order some more like that!
I have a link on the right if you're looking to order anything from there...
These postcards only cost me $12 for 250 plus shipping...and I know shipping can be pricey...but when you think of how much Postcards usually cost! It's a steal!

I have a busy day today...but sometime this weekend...I will be telling you all about the Square Foot Gardening seminar I went to last night.VERY INTERESTING!!! Do you yield 3 harvests from your garden a year?
Have any of you tried square foot gardening?

AND...I will be featured over at Earth Mama this weekend with a GIVEAWAY of some of my Once Upon a Time prints...when? I am not sure...but I will keep you informed!

Have a glorious weekend!
Spring is finally here in Canada!



andrea creates said...

nice postcards! i will have to check the link...
have a lovely weekend :)

PoetessWug said...

That's a great idea about Vista Print and the post cards. I think has deals like that all the time too. I've only gotten the business cards with pictures of my shop items...from moo a long time ago. They did a great job too. I'd have to check out vista. Thanks for letting us see them!

Tara said...

I'll have to check out Vista. I can't wait to hear about square foot gardening. I'm intrigued and wanting to make my thumb a little greener this season.

We Blog Artists said...

Andrea...they have a great weight to the paper too...I like them!

PW...I have Moo cards too, and love the fact that each one can be different...but I know ViStaprint always throws in a free this and a free very kind of them:-)

Tara...yes, check them out...they used to be in the USA only but now they're in shipping is better and no customs!

We Blog Artists said...

Your cards look fab Char, I can't wait to hear about the square foot gardening, sounds like something I need to know! Tam xxxxxxx

Tara said...

Char, Check out your stamp in action.

Char said...

sounds like a very busy and productive time! take care you!

Kolleen said...

they look great!!!

i have used vistaprint for my business cards and was very happy.

i may have to try out some post cards!!!

sending you love and lots of happy for your weekend.


cindy k said...

love your post cards, but it's no surprise because i love your work and you. enjoy your weekend!

blue china studio said...

It is so fun getting back something from the printer I think. The post cards are great. I've used Vista Print before and they did a good job.


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