Monday, June 13, 2011

ballet feet?

 Yes...the girls put on their pretty Birthday dresses from Mormor and Morfar and off we went to Toronto to see "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"...which the National Ballet of Canada put on at the Four Seasons Centre.

First though we HAD to pass by the Disney store as we lost the one which was only 20 minutes away...and the girls always look forward to seeing what's there...I think it brings back memories of our Disney Trip last year. was an absolutely STUNNING production. SO colourful,  the costumes were beautiful and the dancers incredible.
CONGRATULATIONS to all the dancers from the National Ballet of Canada and thanks to the Royal Ballet for giving Toronto the rights to re-produce their Alice in Wonderland Ballet which was just in London months ago.
Christopher Wheeldon Choreographed an amazing Ballet!

Our favourite part had to be the Cheshire cat...stunning. These dancers are not only amazing at dancing but acting too...
BRAVISSIMA! back to reality...painting the studio again...I made a mistake and put MATT paint on the walls and should have put eggshell.
Oh well.
The floors are going down this I'll be back soon with photos!

These next couple of weeks will be a little busy and so I will be taking a blogging break...but keeping you up to date on the progress of the studio.

Thanks for stopping by...and IF you have the opportunity to go and see's on until the 25th June...GO!!! You will NOT be disappointed!!!



PoetessWug said...

I love dancers!!! So excited to be in their 'company' to speak. :-)) And I can't wait to see the studio!!!!

Kim4leafclover said...

Alice in wonderland sounds amazing! Wish they did a production out here. Have a great day!
Hugs- Kimberly

andrea creates said...

this must have been so fun~


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