Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Giving thanks to our Teachers...

We're so fortunate to have had amazing teachers for our girls...this particular piece is for Miss A's Teacher who she has had for 3 years...this is not the norm I know...but because she moved up a Grade when Miss A did...things worked out well.
I was a little stumped as I really didn't know what I should paint for her...last year I painted this and the year before she received this one.
So I went with symbolism.She gives her ALL to these kids...and I have always felt like she looks out for them just as a parent would...making sure their manners are good and always helping others. She really has been a true blessing in Miss A's life.
I hope she knows how much we adore her. What could be better than to have your daughter LOVE school...and now LOVE reading too? She's a fairy Godmother!!!
 So, here's the finished piece, and below framed...with Miss J's teacher's gift below.

So, I really thought it would be difficult to match such an amazing Teacher as Miss A has had...but Miss J was blessed too to have Mrs.O...

Honestly, Miss J is a changed girl in school...she thrives on challenges, listens intently and never speaks out of turn...she definitely isn't as social as Miss A...but has made some great friends.
 Her teacher keeps them doing and moving constantly...if there's ever a little disruption...she moves them on swiftly to another's so wonderful!

 So this elephant is for her and her children (who I know mean the World to her)...I love teachers who have kids...they can relate better I think.

Thank you Mrs O and Thank you Mrs E...from the bottom of our hearts we are SO grateful for all your hard work!

Another year is finished...SK and Grade 2 next year...Miss A will be in a 2/3 split  and Miss J will get her teacher again next year for SK.

We're so proud of our girls...can you tell??

Have a great Wednesday...I know it's Wordless Wednesday today...but words were needed today.


Susan said...

Can I take a class from you :-D! Your artistic process is incredible!! Love, Susan

Heather said...

oh these are just adorable! I love the writing around the edges!

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks're too sweet...I may start Online Courses...I'll keep you posted!

Thank you Heather!!!

Have a good day ladies.x

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

these are beautiful! if i was a teacher, i'd be so happy to receive :)

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Jaime...I hope so.

We Blog Artists said...

Char what a lovely heartfelt gift! She will love it! I'm sure!! Gorgeous colours too! Tam xxxx

Tara said...

My boys are going to be in the same grades as your girls. Those are simply wonderful teachers presents.

The Weekend Artist said...

what lovely gifts! im sure they will be extremely pleased with these!

bluedaisyglass said...

These are absolutely amazing. Your children are so lucky to have great teachers.


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