Monday, June 20, 2011

studio progress...and more

 Just a quick Hello ... and a few pictures from this past week... Miss A and Miss J had their Ballet Recital on Saturday.

They both did SO well, if you want to see their little dances you can see them performing  HERE and HERE

 They then had the start of the Fiesta Week...a Parade followed by all the different cultural halls performing traditional dances on the stage at Memorial Park. I love their costumes...

such a perfect day out...but a long one..and not forgetting "Father's Day"...HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all you wonderful dads oout there...but especially to my Dad over in the UK and our girls dad Mr.R.

I love this photo of our girls...Miss A taking care of her little sister...this fills my heart.

And on to my studio...slowly slowly...the colour is one of my favourite reminds me of our Hallway growing's calming and brightens the light of the artificial lights in the room.
 We got the ikea furniture installed...just need to put the remainder of the doors on...Oh...see...I have a door! and trim!!! The table which can move to the middle of the room and then move to the side will most likely not be made yet...we have some fold out tables which I am going to use for Camp...
Here's my sink area...I still need a cupboard above the sink...the cupboards which are still in the room are going into the "Dark Room" just inside that door in the above picture.

I can't wait to start unpacking all my materials...and setting up the room for Camp.

BUT first a few cabinets need installing and paint touch-ups to be done.
I will try and pass by to say hello.
Bare with me...these are BUSY times.Check back I have some VERY interesting project ideas to show you!!!

Are you working on anything new? please leave a link in the comments area and this way all our readers(and me) can come by and see.



andrea creates said...

your studio looks great so far!i like the color too :)
your girls are so cute!

Silke said...

Char, your girls are beyond precious!! You must be so very proud of them!! Love, Silke

Tabiboo said...

Your girls look fab-u-lous.

We've got a big performance coming up soon and I'm so excited.

take care,

Nina x

Sandy K. said...

Oh goodness these shots brought back memories. Many years of dance performances and outings and family time. Beautiful. And that studio! How can you stand the anticipation?:) I can't wait to see the end result!

shared exchange hosting said...

Amazing studio!

pilli pilli said...

My god... They're so sweet!!!

And it looks like your studio is coming along great as well! You must be so, so excited!!!

and have a wonderful sunday!


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