Saturday, August 20, 2011


I finished it the other night and it's being delivered this evening...but I doubt the client will check our here you are...from start to finish.
It was a challenge...but a good one.
I always enjoy a new project.

We're relaxing at home today...corn roast at the local Farmers Market, bike rides...laundry and cleaning the house a little...perhaps we should call it a movie night this evening...we'll see...I usually fall asleep on the sofa half way through.

Have a great weekend...what are you up to?



Susan said...

WOW! Cars turned out amazing...not that I had any doubt. My grandson, Ari is into cars, construction vehicles, and garbage trucks. LOL! It's a whole new experience after raising two daughters. XOXO

We Blog Artists said...

lol...our first daughter absolutely LOVED cars for the first 3 years of her life...and still does...she had matchbox cars coming out of her ears when she was little!

Have a good day Susan!

The Weekend Artist said...

Nice rendering!

Art By Tina/Tina Axelsson said...

What a wonderful page!

Elizabeth said...

This is great. It looks so difficult to me.
Hartelijke groeten Elizabeth

pve design said...


Tara said...

Not being much of a car lover myself, I didn't expect to feel much of a connection to this piece but you have infused such charm into this drawing, Char. I love it especially the green hippie bug at the end.

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks was fun to do!

Unknown said...

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