Thursday, September 15, 2011

dance dance dance...

Such a beautiful day...fresh...sunshine and a breeze which clears your head, especially when you're working outside.
I started the dance mural...remember the preliminary sketches HERE? 
Look at the landscape I have behind me to look at when I need a break from painting...beautiful isn't it!
There are areas I need to correct. Like the tap dancer's HUGE left J was with me and questioned 'Why is her one foot SOOooo big?", she notices everything...which I love about her...she also hears everything...she doesn't miss a beat.
So...I'll be back up there finishing off the figures and then the logo has to be painted.

**excuse the photos...I forgot my camera!

I know I haven't been able to visit your Worlds this week much...but I will get there soon, I promise.

Have a great day.

BTW : yes, the last post's silhouettes are for Miss A and J's daily school notes and can also be used as bookmarks. Thanks for all your sweet comments...I hope you know they're very much appreciated.


Tara said...

The mural looks great, Char. I'm having a giveaway for a bar of my soap over at my blog so pop on over. Also, I didn't receive the info for the Mamas and Chicks show. Do you still have room for a soap maker?

We Blog Artists said...

Yes, I still have space,
I will send it today!

Heading over to your blog. Thanks Tara!

pilli pilli said...

Wow! That's such a beautiful place!
And the mural looks GREAT!!!

It seems we both have dancing on our minds these days, haven't we?

& thanks for dropping by!

andrea creates said...

it looks great anyway ;) you have such a beautiful landscape behind you-
sounds like the weather's cool there. it is a lot cooler here too -it's nice and refreshing :)

Cindy said...


Susan said...

That mural is unbelievable, Char. And, what a beautiful landscape to paint by. XOXO


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