Monday, September 12, 2011

en plein air

Hello MONDAY....good to see you here...
My Tea Cups are back...original one of a kind added to my ETSY Store over the next couple of days.

Whilst we sat and watched sky-divers this past weekend...I painted some T-cups.
Painting out side is just wonderful...

Have a great week. I start the Ballerina Mural on Tuesday...oh, that's tomorrow!



painted fish studio said...

LOVE your teacups! have you thought about doing a series of postcards or greeting cards?

Haidée said...

love them so cute cups really talented :)

We Blog Artists said...

THANK YOU PFS.Yes,I have thought about a card series.I really enjoy painting them.
BUT...postcards I think is a great idea!

Haidee, thanks for your comments and for passing by.


Susan said...

Beautiful! Would love to have tea with you some day! XOXO

pilli pilli said...

A blue post indeed!
And so sweet!! Not to mention fashionable!! (I recently picked a set of white and blue vintage dishes up at the fleamarket, and a friend told me they're really in fashion!)

& have a GREAT week!

Cindy said...

love your tea cups and the thought of you painting en plein air!

Crystal said...

Love, love, love them! x

Tabiboo said...

They are fabulous - almost like a Dutch kind of blue.

Enjoy the day,

Nina x

Ellie Benuska said...

simply gorgeous!!! I ADORE your lovely blog. I myself am an artist and love seein others at work. XO


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