Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's been a long time coming!

Hi Char and all, it's been a long time I know I've been terrible at blogging.. but the summer ran away with me, I too now sit in peace as the kids are back at school, the only sound is the wind blowing a gale outside. I've been busy working, I'm doing more illustrations now which is great. Today's project is for a fabric to be used on weaning bibs I've also done a seaside theme for bags and aprons and mugs. The first pic to add is one I've been meaning to do for ages, the herb planter we got sent has provided so many chives, I've now planted them out in the garden and they are still growing strong, It was a great little project from Lovethegarden.com and the miracle gro worked a treat! I'm going to bombard you with a few pics from our summer and my new projects just to bring you up to speed. It's been an exciting time and I've been growing a huge amount down at our allotment too... hugely satisfying to have almost an entire meal grown by us, only needing to get the protein and olive oil to cook things with!
Our homegrown peas, took an age to shell but tasted great!

My first Radish

Yummy marshmallows toasted over the chiminea!

My little fairy at the bottom of the garden!


We Blog Artists said...

Wow Tam, those chives did well... I'm sure your veggies were scrumptious!
My square foot gardening never happened...Art Camp just took over!

So pleased you're doing more art...you're brilliant!Love the crayfish one:-)

HUGS and thanks for stopping by this morning.

PoetessWug said...

All the photos are great, but I immediately gravitated to the fresh shelled peas!! I haven't had any of those in ages!

We Blog Artists said...

Hi PoetessWug, You are right they are scrumptious, best I think in a sandwich between a slice of bread and butter with a little salt! Just like my grandpa used to make for me! Tam

I V Y said...

i luuurve hot air balloons :) so cute!

thank you for the thoughtful comment on my emotional boy post! xo



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