Friday, November 11, 2011

Bonfires and puddings

Last weekend here was Bonfire night, we went to a local bonfire that I had been watching grow for weeks, it was huge and the children were really looking forward to it. When we arrived they had a fence to stop people getting too close and we thought we were really lucky to get a front row view but after only about 15 minutes of them lighting the fire it was so unbelievably hot we were all backing away it was really funny, you needed someone in front of you to shield you even when really far away to be confortable! I got glow bangles for the kids so that we could see them in the dark. Seemed a great idea but after a couple of minutes Beth decided to bite hers and ended up with a glowing mouth... warning to all make sure you watch kids with these as although she was fine it did scare me and the ingredients in them are not nice!
All week I have been wanting to make the christmas puddings so that they have time to mature, but as they needed 8 hours to steam I had to have a 'free' day at home! Typically this week has been the maddest, my grandma was discharged from hospital after 2 months (after having a stroke) yesterday at a few hours notice so whilst I had mixed my puddings I had to leave them as I had to go to her house and get some things to try and make her new room in the care home a little personalised for her. We wanted to make it a little nicer as we were all so worried as to how she would take it being moved there. I don't think she will ever be able to get back to her own home so it was a day of mixed emotions. One lady at the home had a really true expression 'we are all once an adult twice a child'. My grandma was always a huge character during our Christmas celebrations and whilst I hope she will be able to come over on Christmas day I just don't know. This is unbelievably my first Christmas in our house cooking for my family, I have always gone to either my parents or my in-laws so it's a momentous time for me!! Anyway the puddings got steamed last night the proof will be in the eating I guess!

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We Blog Artists said...

Tam, I'm sure your grandma will be happy to be out of the hospital even if it's not expressed as loudly as she might have in earlier years.
I cant wait to try your puddings with real brandy butter and custard.
Love all the photos of your bonfire in the village... Looks hot!
I give those glow sticks to the girls too as a treat sometimes for bedtime and worry too about the contents, pleased Beth was ok.
Hugs dear friend


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