Thursday, January 5, 2012


Will be chocka block full of creativity... I hope you'll all join me on the ride :-)
Have a great weekend… we're flying back to Canada over the weekend... So I'm sure you'll see some real Winter pics in the near future... Until then, have a look at the flag how it was flying this morning. Oh, and a few watercolours I just completed.

How's your 2012 so far?



pilli pilli said...

Enjoy your last days in Europe,
have a wonderful flight home,
and have I mentioned I just keep LOVING those watercolours?
(+ it looks like I'm going to need another one soon...) ;)


Denise Dumont said...

Suas aquarela são lúdicas e cheias de vida, adoro!!!!!!
Um grande abraço pra você e que Deus continue iluminado esta mente tão criativa.

Edgeworth Johnstone said...

Amazing how 3d the bowl looks. Great paintings.

Cindy said...

love those bowls. have a safe flight home sweet home. enjoy your weekend!


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