Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion Camp

Hello friends,
We've been crafting, sketching and making different projects this week.
I have added photos of our days in Camp.

My favorite project so far was the fabric stamping !
Each of my campers designed their own pattern to place on a piece of fabric. I then gave them a square of rubber to draw their image on and I carved it out.

It still amazes me that sometimes an 8 year old doesn't know how to mix paint...or create colours... probably isn't taught at school as they have all the colours ready mixed.

We went on a couple of morning trips to local Galleries...this was fun to see their honest expressions on what they thought about the Art exhibited.
I like this piece below... "Use Less Words" reason I love Instagram! If you have an instagram account...come and find me :-)

Portraits...always an interesting lesson!

Maple trees giving an abundance of sap this year for Maple Syrup!
Peg decorating...
good times :-))

How Maple Syrup came about...
Paper stamping
Each of the girls pretended the dogs were theirs...although I think they were coyotes!
Miss A's designs
Designing T-Shirts...
from the sketchbook to the T-shirt
making clay beads..ready to paint today
this is mine...I like playing at Camp too :-)
The girls learnt to sew too...
probably still too muddy for Summer shoes!
cart horses pulling people ALL day long...thank you horses.
This was an interesting exhibit...the girls were not too sure about the crows...

Thank you for getting this far in the post...I know there were lots of photos!
I have so many posts to catch up on...thank you's to I have received little greatnesses in the post in these past few weeks...

So...check back soon.
Have a wonderful Friday!
Are you doing your Happy Dance??


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Plami said...

OMG This is the best camp I've heard of! Looks like so much fun!



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