Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beauty and the Beast finished

It's finished!!!

The play is next week... I hope to be able to take some photos of when the props and cast are in front of the sets.

Hope all is well with you... Thanks for stopping by!


PoetessWug said...

Gorgeous! usual! ^_^

Crystal said...

Awesome! :-)

We Blog Artists said...

Fantastic Char, I hope the play goes well, they've certainly got a lovely set! xxxx

Susan said...

You just take my breath away! You've captured the essence of one of my favorite stories--wish I lived closer so I could see the production. XOXO

tbou said...

Amazing! I'm so sorry I'm going to miss the production!

Co. said...

Wow, thats great, i like that so much.
Corina from germany

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Fabulous work! Congratulations.

Sandra Monat said...

what an amazing project and you did a fantastic job. WOW


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