Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fast sunset

I'm so loving the idea of champagne on the patio, and I really like the great new design for Mamas and chicks - almost a fifties style! But today I had little time for indulgences, it has been a race from start to finish. Fitting in visits to friends, and work in the midst of a speedy day. I want to dive through the hole in the trees and visit a calm place tonight... another random image but the journey back home after virtually a month away has been a strange one. Sometimes we travel so fast that it's quite nice to capture a moment and see the colours of the day I would have otherwise missed! The slowest part of my day was baking a banana cake in honour of a friend of mine who gave birth last night powered on them - easiest recipe in the world - 3 bananas, 8oz self raising flour, 8 oz caster sugar, 8 oz butter, half tsp baking powder - cream butter & sugar, add in mashed bananas, fold in the rest and cook at 180 for an hour... Yum! Tam, Hertfordshire

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