Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time for a Doodle...

Some days all that there is time for is a doodle...

Representing our girls here on the left...originally it was Jordan on the left and Ashley on the right...not sure who is who when I look at the doodle I so happily drew whilst they were scribbling with their new crayons.
These are the days which I hope to always remember: calm between the 2 sisters, constant love for one another and a strong sense of knowing the other will always be there for the other.To watch as they grow into girls with big hearts and kind spirits makes motherhood such a rewarding career.

Loving being connected with you both...it feels wonderful to know we're taking a little creative journey together...the photos are so rich...and yes, Champagne sounds glorious on your new patio...can't wait to see it!
YUM! Will definately try your Banana cake...I have a freezer shelf full of Bananas ready for baking...love that cooked banana smell!
Charlotte, Ontario

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