Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Pinks and Blues, Yellows and Oranges...oh, and not forgetting Spring Greens...Easter must be one of the most Colourful Holidays we have. I was noticing how I have painted many watercolours over these past few days with girls in mind, rather than boys...I will try and make a conscious effort to subject line boys in the next few that I do.That's what happens when you're blessed with 2 girls...everything becomes "girlie".
I'm really enjoying this series of colour and animals...I think I will as well as adding them to my Etsy Store, I will make some gift cards with the designs.
Tomorrow is a special day for me...can you guess what it is?
If you can guess correctly, I will add an extra entry to the Giveaway I'm doing tomorrow(which will run for one week).
I will be making a special watercolour-with your choice of animal-and a boy or girl . A custom watercolour just for you(if you're the winner).
Email me or convo me through Etsy with what special day it is tomorrow!
Ciao for now!
See you tomorrow!


Franco said...

hey, you have a nice blog here, thanks you for commenting and following :)

SweetPeaknits said...

Pretty blog. I love your stories.

Jill said...

what lovely artwork and lots of inspiration on your blog! thanks for leaving me a comment so i could find you!

Beaky said...

Happy Birthday to you squashed tomatoes and stew!

Beaky said...

p.s. I love the water colour.

"Blog Artists" said...

Thanks Beaky! And to all you other sweetnesses...I'll be posting about my Giveaway this evening!

simoart said...

I love your style, this is lovely. Great water colors. Keep up the good work.


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