Saturday, April 25, 2009

***$10 for a Once Upon A Time Animal Print-TODAY- 25TH APRIL-SUNDAY 26TH APRIL****

THIS is a BIG one...SALE...SALE...SALE...30% OFF on my Esty Prints...
I have reduced all my ONCE UPON A TIME prints from $15 to ONLY $10 !!! GO to my ETSY Store for MORE.
This is because I will be at our Mamas and Chicks Show on Sunday and have to reduce the prices for the I'm giving all of you the opportunity to join in the SALE fun and stock up on my Once Upon a Time, Limited Edition prints...I am only printing 25 of each print, so snap them up quickly before they go!
Thanks for all the support!
I'll post pictures on Monday from the Show...but until then, HAPPY SHOPPING!
Go to my ETSY STORE and tell everyone!
I have my you?
Wish me luck on Sunday...I've been having LOTS of these 2am to bed exhausted.


bopbopdesigns said...


Char said...

love the goldfinch and the chicken.

good luck!!! :)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks girlies...we definitely felt the crunch in the change of markets today...BUT on a good note I sold about 30 prints!

PAK ART said...

Thanks for the notice! I went to Etsy and bought one of your prints. The panda. I loved that when I saw another blogger friend had won it in your giveaway contest. Now I get one too! Yay for me!

bopbopdesigns said...

Congratulations!!! Glad it went so well :) B-day was the 25th, we were blessed with a gorgeous weekend. Couldn't have been better! Thanks!!!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks PAKart-I convo-ed you a note on your Esty page...awesome, thanks for the Sale!
Happy Belated Birthday Maggie!

Renee said...

Your work is wonderful and your children are gorgeous.

Renee xoxo


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