Monday, May 4, 2009


It really was a FABULOUS weekend. It started off when reading all the wonderful and helpful comments which our readers left for us regarding the Post to whether or not Etsy is worth the while and effort.
THANK YOU to those of you FABULOUS readers who did leave comments.
I have come to the conclusion that it is worth it, even if doesn't draw in that many sales's a great site to direct people/shoppers/friends/family to if they are interested in buying. I have a good feeling that the market will pick up and people will stop buying so much from the big box stores and start realizing that they HAVE to support all these families out there who are trying to make a living out of being creative!

I saw some great friends this weekend.
Friday we had dinner with a couple of our neighbours, lovely people...we're very lucky to be surrounded by such great company.
Saturday was another busy day...the morning was spent waiting for the girls to have their Ballet classes so I painted the Monkey "Once Upon a Time" painting for Ash's friend Katie. Ash was going to a Birthday party after rather than go and spend a fortune on toys, we decided a picture of her favourite animal would be more appreciated. She loved it(yay).
Saturday evening,my lovely husband had a gig(he's in 2 bands-Drummer) downtown was fun, I got to dance a little which rarely happens anymore, other than with the girls.
So good to get out and mingle with people I haven't seen for months.
Sunday...Spa Day...oh what a joy...a friend I met in Lamaze class when I was pregnant with Ash always hosts a Spa Day in the Spring.
She gathers many talented ladies and we book treatments throughout the day.
FABULOUS! Yes, this was definitely the most fabulous part of the weekend.
Easy to do....

  1. Gather up all the friends and people you know who are practicing in Massage, Reiki,Reflexology,Indian Head Massage,Manicure, Pedicure,Hot Stone Massages and we even had a Taro Card reader there...a good friend of mine, Shelly Gifford, who says she will be updating her blog soon!(she was spot on with lots of things and has given me lots of hope and goals to strive towards...thanks Shelly!)
  2. She's a very talented Photographer, Artist, Art teacher(I was a student of hers once for Life drawing classes-so much fun).
  3. Set a Date
  4. Email all your friends and tell them to bring a friend and a dish(something yummy)
  5. Ask them all to RSVP with time preferences to when they would care for their desired treatment.
  6. Clean your house the day before everyone comes.
  7. Ask your husband to take the kids out for the day

...Et Voila! Enjoy your very own Spa Day!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too...did you get up to anything Fabulous?



bopbopdesigns said...

Fun! Love the colors.

Char said...

we do spa days a lot around here - so much fun.

Chrisy said...

The drawing is lovely...whimisical and original...and that spa day sound like a great idea.

Gail said...

I love your art! If you haven't already done so, you should go for illustrating a children's book, I'm sure it would be a winner!

Gail x

Papermoonies said...

I love the art here it is so cute.
I am now a follower of you.
perhaps you would be interested in my blog.

PilliPilli Handmade said...

Next time you have a Spa Day: PLEASE DO BEAM ME UP!!!
It sounds lovely!

And the monkey is precious! Well done!

About Etsy: I'm trying to make it worth the effort, but so far I have no sales yet :) But I keep trying!

Tante belle cose,
PilliPilli Handmade

Mr Lee said...

Very pleased to come here.Your blog always give us a good feeling.
Bless our friend!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

i love it! ~ and the spa day? do the talented ladies charge for their services? how does that work??? i'm thinkin i need to do one of those!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea. I need a spa day.


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