Friday, May 1, 2009

Is ETSY really worth it? Or not?

Good morning all...I have a question and would LOVE some feedback please.

WHAT makes an (or your) Etsy site successful?? Sales that is.

I have been a member for quite a while now, and I have had a whopping 2 Sales!!! Thank you buyers!
I have dropped my prices, placed giveaways on my Blog...saturated the network with links to my site...and yet so few Sales.
I'm not sure whether to hang in there or not.

A new blogger friend from my home country posted a very similar question...please take a peek at Mariann's Blog and Shop.She is an amazing talent with such beautiful illustrations.

Have we come on the Etsy scene too late?
Please,please,please...a few Etsy tips would be hugely appreciated!!!



Georgina said...


I've been an Etsy member since November of '08 and I have had 2 sales. I too am wondering if it's worth it. I think lack of sales may have something to do with the economy or maybe we just missed that train. Either way, I'm going to stick it out a little bit longer. However, I've been more successful locally, so at least I'm making a little $$ on my work.

Oh well, time will tell.


GiDu said...

Wow, her work is really amazing. It reminds me of illustrations that would be in a childrens book! She seems pretty successful in her etsy total sales, 57 sales! I have been on etsy now for over a year and I get discouraged sometimes. I work so hard keeping my shop updated and I keep my blog going. I feel that there's so many people on etsy and there's lots of competition. How do you really stand out against everyone else?

Anonymous said...

I first tried etsy years ago, very early on, and then I tried again kinda recently. I never found it useful. The sales I had were folks I directed there. I could have sold to them directly through my site and saved the etsy fees.

Lately, I am having trouble finding anyone browsing for art at any price on any website. The economy is so horrid, maybe that is it. Or maybe the novelty of online shopping has worn thin and folks are returning to brick and mortar stores? I do not know.

For ease of listing and no up front listing fees, I prefer to etsy. But, again, there seem to be no shoppers browsing art there. You have to drive the traffic there yourself.

If you find any place where folks are browsing for art, let me know!

Thanks for posting this topic. :)

Jen said...

I have had a little over 45 sales in a year on Etsy. I swear it seems like 75% of those sales came from people I met on the forums (other sellers). I am always amazed when someone finds me on there. There are just so many sellers and you get buried so quickly. I've heard that the BIG sellers are constantly renewing their 4 times a day. I, personally, cannot afford to be doing that.

Good luck! I just started a photography shop and sold the first item I guessed it, through the forums!

-10oneworld and sedonashots on Etsy

bopbopdesigns said...

My etsy sales were people I knew or people who had received a painting of mine. I feel like it is a good community and good for people to see your "shop" but most of my work gets commissioned off etsy (through friends, family etc). My name paintings usually require multiple conversations or emails so I know I don't have the most user friendly etsy shop. I think etsy itself is fairly user friendly and the fees are pretty reasonable. I know I am not much help... I've asked myself the same questions you have before...

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

You are awesome...thanks for the encouragement...I think it's good practice if anything for marketing skills etc.
It also pushes me to keep drawing and painting...and as you know you guys are all so talented that hopefully the great support and energy we have between us all will attract many sales in the future!

Just think Sales!

CAPow said...

I have a few different things in my shop: fine art prints, photography prints, and handmade wallets. I've found that the art side of my shop definitely sells at a MUCH slower pace than the wallets. Maybe it has to do with that? I love your illustrations though! I'm sure if you somehow found a way to get featured on some "mom blogs" that your sales would pick up a little. You just need to make sure that you are reaching your target audience.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Cpow...thanks, I haven't really thought about that but think it's a great idea...I have a few contacts who run Mom sites...and I think maybe through Facebook groups I could get some more interest...
Thank you!

Joyce said...

Your work is beautiful. I'm guessing like anything somethings take longer. Hang in there.
What about contact cookie magazine and as CAPow said some of the larger mom blogs. I would even check with other artists that have blogs maybe they can give you words of wisdom. Hugs...

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thank you ALL...your wisdom and suggestions are always appreciated!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Money just changed hands on Etsy for me, but it was only the payment of my april fees :)

I shouldn't complain, I've had 15 sales since I started listing things in mid-January, but there are times when I just wish it were more. I started out with all original art pieces and then, after talking with other artists, decided to offer up prints and aceos and now pendants, just to get a wider price range. I can't see that it's made a huge difference though.
I think it's the economy, and with that said, I'm SO grateful for each and every one of my customers♥

I think we need to just hang in there and maybe we'll be 'well known' when this economy turns around again :)

Misty's Creations said...

Thanks Char,
Glad you stopped by, I have some thoughts on Etsy, I'll stop back when my evening quiets a bit!

julie king said...

i think etsy is just very slow right now with the economy and everything. i know the sales of art here in my town are slow as well. maybe etsy was a flash in the pan and it is dead but i don't think so. we all just need to hang in there and stick together until the storm is over. your work is delightful and you're not doing anything wrong. keep creating and keep the faith, ladies!!!

Cindy and Mindy said...

I am new as well, and I am sure with all things it does take time. We should ban together and promote one another. Posting on blogs, etc., so it doesn't seem like we are promoting ourselves. Know what I mean? I always take everything, whatever it is, a step at a time. Sometimes I think, myself included is that we are like Kevin Costner in "The Field of Dreams"....."if you build it, they will come" and that just isn't the case. I'm new to this, but I have several friends that have websites, and it does take a while, and once you get the word of mouth, it's all smoother sailing from there. I'm just waiting for the wind in my sail. Don't give up....!!!!!!!

Char said...

well, first I think your stuff is great. I haven't really looked at price points but everything I've read said 200% over cost is the rock bottom price. I've been open for business about a month - had 8 sales - and all of them have been from blog readers. I truly think it's a matter of having a product people want, networking and having the right price point. I love your stuff but have no babies that I can give them too.

have you done shows like the spring arts/crafts shows?

Tony Moffitt said...

Hi There.
Sorry this is off-topic, but I just wanted to compliment you on a great Blog.
I run a Blog to help artists sell their art and get into galleries (a free resource) so I spend a lot of time looking at artist Blogs. Yours is terrific. Congratulations.

Foy and Jeff said...

Etsy is a great way to give your clients a way to buy from you where ever they are using credit cards. This is something the average Etsy seller can't do on her own. However, Etsy is not so good for marketing. That's the part you have to do on your own.

I would suggest picking up a book on marketing. "The Four Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss has some decent ideas for internet entrepreneurs.

Obviously your blog works for you. Consider focusing your blog to help it do more for you. Can you blog your way to a new job? This article explores another facet of the same question

PAK ART said...

I'm one of your two sales. I bought your print because I saw it on your blog first and you had advertised a sale, so I went to Etsy and bought it. It was my first time ever looking at Etsy. Since then I considered a store on Etsy, but now not so sure. Sounds like vendors may have to pay extra to get on that front page where people see it when they sign in...

PAK ART said...

ps I received my print today and I love it! Thanks for the card too, what a perk! pk

Fuzzy Brush said...

I was disappointed to hear everybody say that sales on Etsy were slow! I was hoping it was a new avenue for me. I've just 'retired' from 28 years of selling my art at fairs and shows on the road full time and I can tell you all for certain that the market IS DOWN. I guess it doesn't matter WHERE you try to sell, if you can't eat it or wear it as bling, it's tough to sell it! The art/craft market has been dropping rapidly for the last 5-6 years. It isn't just Etsy. We just have to bite the bullet and hang in there till the good times come back! Good luck and best thoughts from the brush....doris

José said...


Etsy hasn't worked that well for me, but I confess that I do little to promote it.
Maybe the fact of being portuguese scares people from buying my art ? (I'm mostly referring to north americans, which I presume are the larger number of visitors).
I haven't checked this, but it seems that instead of posting lets say 5 works at a time, it's better to post one of the 5 works each day, for insteance.
I'm thinkin about writing some considerations about this on my blog...

Kind regards,


buebau said...

Although I'm a big etsy buyer I've given up of selling there.
When I had my shop there, I think I got about 10 items sold, and no more than that. And some of the costumers were local friends.
Then I gave up the shop and I use it only to buy. I love etsy to buy suplies (mainly fabrics).
But even with my blog and flickr, it took a lot of time for me to start selling online. Time and a big evolution in my crafts and techniques too.
Currently I sell almost everything I make (I wish I had more time to craft :)).
I remember to read some time ago that participating on etsy forum actively and making contacts with other members is essential on etsy. I don't know if that's true or not.
Other thing I find interesting on etsy is the treasury. making treasureis and comenting on other people treasuries, allows lots of contacts.
Good luck with your shop!!

Amy Perrotti said...

I have been a member of Etsy since Jan. 2007 but only opened my shop Feb. 28th of this year. I lost my job when the economy crashed Fall 2008. In the past I have bought allot of items on Etsy but now I can't afford to buy anything from anywhere. Sales are slow right now for me too but I really think it is because of the economy. I think people just can't afford to buy. I have enjoyed being a buyer and seller on Etsy. I enjoy being part of a creative community. I want to stick together with my Etsy friends and ride this thing out. I hope things improve for all of us soon. :)

Sunder said...

I'm also considering the option of opening an Etsy shop and hope for some advice on gaining traffic to my blog and once the shop is open, to my items? Are there other listing websites or places on the web to get my blog and etsy info out there?


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