Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi Char! I am here!
I can only say what amazing work you have done over the last few months, I have been checking up with interest very regularly but just haven't had time to post.. still I'm back and I know I will never get as productive as you but I'll give it a go! Here is my boy Jack touching the diving fish... I took the photo and then realised I'd put the painting upside down! So here's another of the couple dancing as they were intended, quite apt as this Friday it's my 5th wedding anniversary which always reminds me of your beautiful Ashley's birthday, I can't believe she is nearly five! How quickly time does fly! xx Beth is doing really well, she is such a sweetie, all the chocolate I ate whilst pregnant has worked it's magic to make her so smiley (I read that it made babies happy in an article in The Times...so it must be true!).
Tam, Herts UK

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**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Love your diving fish...oh... so good to have you back...I was actually very surprised when I logged on and saw a painting that wasn't mine, I thought perhaps someone had Hijacked the site...silly me..lol.
I'm excited about this blog...Oooo..I have painting to do,got to go.
Hugs to you Tam.x.


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