Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She's BACK!.

So, if you didn't all know this Blog was originally set up by myself (Char) and Tam(a very old and special friend)... from England.
We decided it was about time to start dedicating a little bit of time to our creative side and a blog seemed like the perfect way.
We originally said we would try and post daily...and we managed that goal in the beginning...but reality set in and we really couldn't make our daily goal.
Then Tam became busier and busier...with work and the realization that a new baby was going to be added to her daily routine shifted things a little with regards to blogging.
AND now, she's back! No pressure Tam...I know how having a 3 year old and a baby can change your daily plans...without warning. all our FABULOUS READERS...Tam is back !!! (huge smile).
Tam will definitely bring a different feel to posts as she is an artist and photographer!

Oh, and this is one of the Once Upon a Time watercolours which I finished late last night.

I promised myself that I would do more,but only got 2 finished...I'll post the other one later today.
I forgot, yesterday the girls had Caribbean Dance and then I went for my Caribbean Dance class after dropping them off home.
Our town where we live has a week in June called Fiesta Week. All the different Halls which are run by different Nationalities...there's a Polish,German,Caribbean,Italian,Chinese,french...and many more.During this week they open their doors to the public and serve traditional food from their country for lunch and dinner.
Then in the evenings each Hall puts on a Show and children dance in traditional dress...and that's what our girls will be doing at the Caribbean Hall. They absolutely love it and get SO excited every Tuesday which is Club Carib night. I'll remember to post pics when the time comes.
I'm sure we all have goals and don't make the deadlines...
Have a good morning...I'll be back later...I'm off to drink my green Tea...I ran out of Earl favourite!


Char said...

hi Tam! I always loved exploring the different cultures at school when we had those type classes. Sounds like great fun.

SugarCain said...

I start my day with the Earl every morning. Yum. I use the old tea bags to slap my prim dolls.

pve design said...

Sending you a small package of something that may add joy to your day! Blogging will always be here, like work, but tots grow fast and soon they are gone, like tea!

Pilli Pilli Handmade said...

How beautiful!

Oh dearie! I love white cats... They're my favourites! Pretty Pretty!

Best wishes and I'm happy your Pal is back ;)

PilliPilli Handmade

Anonymous said...



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