Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School projects...they start so young.

We're slowly finishing the School year...Ash will be moving to Senior Kindergarten in the Autumn...it always amazes me at the fact they have projects to do at home...this was one we worked on together...she chose the photos she wished to have on the page and I arranged it all.
Their Teacher has put together a Superstar Book...each of the kindergartens in her class had a week of being Superstar and had to input a page all about themselves in the book.
We had fun, but it took a good 3 hours!
That's why I don't get around to scrap booking...even though I would love to....do you have time to scrapbook? And do you have any favourite Scrapbook Artists? I have a few...which I will mention in my next post.
Have a wonderful day...only a few more days of Spring!!!


orange sugar home said...

My kid's school projects never come out that way!! Love the collage.

Sonia Luna said...

I love it! She's the cutest, happiest


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