Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Watercolour...

It's boiling DH took the girls over to a friends to play for a couple of hours so I could get this watercolour finished.
Prints will be up for grabs this week in my Etsy Store.
Want to know what I'm up to this week::
  • Taxes
  • Meet up with 2 clients for the murals (Fairies and Swamp/Meadow)
  • Watercolour of a Whale
  • Zoo (I promised the girls)
  • Strawberry picking(if I don't go soon...there will be none left)
  • Update Mamas and Chicks site
  • Exploring 2 new parks (I promised the girls)
  • Send Boo(my sister) and Olivia(my Niece) in the UK their Birthday gifts.
  • Try to catch up with Shelly and Dale
  • Clean house from top to bottom
  • LOTS of Laundry
  • Grocery shop
  • Set up Mamas and chicks Blog
  • Email vendors about Fish Friday at Club Carib
  • Start my inspiration board

Do I think I'll get it all done? I hope so. The Taxes are going to take up all my evenings and lunches if the girls nap...but they have to be done, as my husband is waiting for figures.
It can sometimes be a little overwhelming, and I'm definitely not as good at writing lists as my DH is...but here is my effort, I hope it helps.

What do you have to get done this week???

I'll check in with you all later today...


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