Friday, August 28, 2009

Day trips...

It's been a busy week...look at those shoes...LOTS of walking...running, and tripping...of course not me but the girls.
ALL the photos were taken with my phone(either by me or by Jordan....the above is hers), as I have lost the battery charger for our camera!(ouch)
I didn't edit they are as they were taken.
We have spent a whole week going on day trips.
The Toronto Zoo...apparently one of the largest "natural enclosed habitats" in the whole of North America(and Canada is HUGE...don't forget!)
They just opened the Tundra section of the Zoo where they completely renovated the Polar Bear's living quarters.The girls were pretty upset that they couldn't see them swimming underwater, but due to the 17 degrees outside, I don't think they were remotely warm enough to take a plunge....maybe next time!
Jordi reminds me of the Polar Bear...does what she wishes when she stunningly beautiful(in our eyes) and a little bit of an exhibitionist...very special!
We took the GO train to get into town one day, and met up with *Daddy*...they were SO excited to see him, and such a special treat for him to see us all for lunch.
The weather was perfect, we bought a take-out lunch and sat by the fountain and people watched.
Here's our Lunch view...that's the old City Hall...and this pond area gets transformed into an ice-rink in the's such a great square.

The girls were so sad to see Toronto go...but happy to be back on the train...they loved being on the top deck of the double-decker train!
We went to the Rocket Ship Park...always a wonderful way to exercise those little bodies of theirs...I think they should invent ADULT parks though too...we could do with a few stairs and slides once in a while!

I love this picture...if Ash was an animal, she would be a Flamingo.
She's delicate and shy bu can be bright and vibrant at the same time...she's slender and has excellent balance...and loves her family and friends.
Whilst we were passing through the Polar Bear enclosure she says"Mummy, when will they be making a new house for the Unicorns?" I'm sure she believes there are Unicorns...and why burst that "bubble dream" as I call it...children have wonderful imaginations...and dreams...I love how the joy of those thoughts fill her heart and give her the LARGEST smile ever!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Char, On


JBeaudetStudios said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Your girls are darling!

Georgina said...

They are just too precious and they have one wonderful mom!!

Char said...

what sweet shots - and a wonderful day

Jen said...

They couldn't be any prettier. What a fun and adorable family you have. Keep up the good work!

PilliPilli Handmade said...

I can't believe how adorable they are!

Lucky you! And well done for not breaking the bubble. Besides, who says unicorns don't exist?!

Maybe I should make one just to prove it to you :P

Hugs, K.


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