Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday's Celebrations...

We're off to celebrate a friend's Birthday tonight...the above painting is the commission which I couldn't show you a couple of weeks ago...Dale's(the Mum in the picture)mother called me and asked if I would paint something for Dale.
She gave me pictures from Dale's past and a list of words which had significant meaning to different stages of her life.I placed the majority of her pictures on the side of the painting...and just used her immediate family ones on the front.
Here's a close up...the words I scratched into the paint as it was just drying...She LOVED this painting...hope she likes the one from me...

This is the gift for Dale which I am giving her on behalf of my husband and I...we have to find a frame for it...I didn't use any photo references for the I wanted to use my memory and give more of an impression.
I hope she loves it...and also am crossing my fingers that she doesn't take a wander over to our blog today...if not the surprise will come early!
Have a great Saturday...are you celebrating anything this weekend?


Jen said...

Oh man, I need some talented friends like you. I couldn't even imagine getting a gift like that. You are amazing!!!

Char said...

fantastic paintings - she's so lucky to have a good friend like you.

amy and ann said...

thanks for visiting our blog!

cindy said...



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