Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you up for the Challenge?

We have 525+ of YOU who I know are VERY talented and creative souls...who live by creating and crafting...and are extremely talented photographers too.
SO...PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE...enter this one for me...WIN one of my original **ONCE UPON A TIME WATERCOLOURS**

The contest is run by Carly and she has a blog which is hysterical and very REAL...and she also runs *Durham Region Baby* which in an incredibly informative website for all of us who live just outside Toronto in Canada.
Every week she runs a "PHOTO" contest...and I said I would donate a prize...SO this week the theme is Animals.
READ how to enter HERE.

HAVE fun AND PLEASE comment below if you enter it...or are thinking of entering it.
If you don't have children...get creative and use a friend's or a niece...or granddaughter!

It's been POURING here all day...but have already Celebrated one good friend's Birthday by going out for Lunch...and have another celebration this evening after our SWING/JIVE class...can't wait!

Tomorrow is Tell ALL Tuesdays...
until then...



Jen said...

You know I'll enter!!! :0)

Char said...

let me go look! :)

Cath J said...

I enter the contest eventho' I am not staying in CA... ^_^... If happen I win (ahemmm... excuse me ;-p) Will send the prize to my sister who staying in Toronto.. ^_^.

DesBisoux said...

i have faith...maybe i'll win this time and you'll get to paint Winston!xxx

blueberryjunkie said...

I live in the area and I have small kids, so I will definitely enter.

Carly @ Durham Region Baby said...

Thanks, Charlotte! We love our prints, and I was so glad to share them with my readers.


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