Sunday, September 27, 2009

a super Sunday winnings...

I woke up this morning to check my Esty Store and what did I find?
A lovely little note from the Esty Store *The Time is Now*(love that title)telling me I had WON her Giveaway!

Not sure when it was...but I entered a draw for these beautiful cards (hand cut) in the photo above by Naomi Shiek.

Now...the contest had been posted by Amy at Pikaland...and there was also a special to the first 3 who contacted Naomi about buying anything from her store and receiving free shipping...I jumped at the chance and bought myself *the deer in the bear*- it's a beautiful etching of hers...I love deer.

You can see more of her work either at her STORE or on her BLOG.

It's been raining ALL day here,so I have been doing a tonne of Internet marketing for our Mamas and Chicks Show which is creeping up soon.
I forget every time the Show comes around how much work is actually involved...
I have to create some more prints...and may be asking for your help soon...brain storming for ideas...

My to do list is becoming WAY too long for my liking.
If only we could buy more time...that *time vendor* would be one RICH man!

Have a lovely rest of the Day.
Until tomorrow.



ann said...

congrats. Nice cards. Ready for the week!

DesBisoux said...

congrats!! nice way to start the

pve design said...

Oh what lovely winnings!
Wishing you a happy week ahead!


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