Thursday, September 24, 2009


How sweet is this!

2 Photographers::2Foodies::2 wives::2 Moms with 3 kids each...
offering a GIVEAWAY for all our Fabulous Readers.(thanks Amy and Ann)
How do they have time to accomplish SO much beauty in the day?
Je ne sais pas! I don`t know...
All I know is that their photos are stunning...they make me want to have my tea in hand each morning as I turn on my computer to head on over to their site to see what`s been seen through their eyes.
As a BLOGShop-Warming gift YOU get to pick any one print from their fabulous blog amy and ann.

They have their new shop and relatively new blog full of wonderful images.

The Rules ARE::
Firstly go and follow their new blog and come back here and comment here letting us know which print you love the most.
Hurry....there are lots to look through.(I know I have my favourites!)
GIVEAWAY ends Friday at 12.01pm
Amy and Ann have their respective Food Blogs too with GREAT photos and recipes.

Here are the links:
Amy's is: I am a Celiac
Ann's is: Dollop

Thanks Amy and Ann!
I'm off to boil the water for a lovely cuppa...then go for a visit to your World.


DesBisoux said...

Nice giveaway indeed! I'm already a follower. Their daily shots are little treats for the eyes!
I have 2 favourites: the eggs and the peanuts butter cookies!xxx

Char said...

I'm already a follower too


and of course I love the blueberries

Kelly Berkey said...

The Minted Coleslaw and the Wine and Tea Lights are my favorite. I love their use of lighting!
Thank you for sharing their blog, I am now a follower! Ciao, Kelly

su said...

The photos are beautiful! so good! muy bonitas!

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Their photos are always really beautiful.
My favourite is the one posted on 9.23.2009 with the pretty cake papers in the tray. I love making fairy cakes. =]

Florrie x

Camilla said...

Such beautyful photos. Thank you for directing me to their blog. I am going to follow them from now on. Can't go wrong with great photos and good food :) My favourite photo is Ann's with the fresh figs and flowers. Thanks for the chance.


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