Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's in YOUR bag?

I was feeling a little stumped this morning about my posting today...some days are easier than others...but didn't want you to miss out on visiting our World over here today...heehee...*SMILE*
...after reading a couple of books to little miss J before she went down for a nap...I started to clean out my summer *bag* and start filling my Autumn *bag* up...eliminating old receipts ,tissues,dried flowers...half of which I have NO idea why and how it ended up in there in the first place.

So...after laying out all that I wanted to keep...I thought I'd take a snap shot of it all...for keep sakes, like a time-capsule photo...

-As you can see...I NEED a new wallet/purse...I have had this one for 9 years.
If any of you know of a wonderful ETSY seller who makes them...I need to purchase one:-)

-I won the purple and green fabric purses...from one of our Fabulous Readers...miss RIKRAK,they're awesome and really help me keep things a little more organised.

-I *HEART* Marimekko...a lot! As you can see from the coin purse, the pencil case and our table cover...I think it's the Scandinavian thing which always steers me towards them.

-I always carry a few business never know when I may get business that is *smile*

- I have pictures of my mummy and daddy with our girls...I have to get more recent ones...but I love these pics.(I also have pics of my hubbie in my wallet...and more recent pics of the girls)

-My *Bag* is a WONDERFUL hand-me-down from my darlin sister...Thanks Boo! I LOVE it!

-Then I have my NEW favourite accessory...from Smashbox O-Glow lip's AMAZING. It's a clear gloss which tints your lips to their natural red or pink. I'm in love.

-And that's about it...oh, nearly forgot...reading glasses,sketch book and tissues and hair accessories.
Oh,'s the photo I took of it all.

What's in your bag?



Camilla said...

I love Marimekko too, so I think your timecapsule looks striking on the red tablecloth :) Oooh, and I need to look closer at that lipgloss. My bag is so empty right now, because I recently did this: wallet, cellphone, Lancome lipgloss, pens, grocerylist... and bandaids :) Have a great day.

Jaime said...

I really like that purse- thanks for sharing! My bag is full of things- lip glosses in a make up case, wallet, hand sanitizer, planner,'s always chock full!

Annette Q said...

Wow! Who knew that items in a handbag could be so creative! I love this photo of all your little things.
I'm always surprised at what I find in my bag thanks to my 4 year old daughter. Once i found a (rather large) bouncy ball that she sneaked in my (not that big) bag. Thing is, I didnt notice until days later and i'd been here, there and everywhere carrying the ball without even knowing!! :-)

amy and ann said...

I love everything in your bag. I just switched over as well. I first must admit that I walked around all summer with a bag with a broken strap - now come on ann - really. It is good to clean house once in a while!

cindy said...

i love all the lip glosses you carry! one thing in my bag is the external hard drive i use to back up our computer. i won't leave home without it.

Char said...

so cute....I've done this recently for another blog. it's always fun to take a peek inside.

Jen said...

Just like you, I have no idea how these things end up in my bag. I only need 3 out of the 20 things in there.

Cute post idea!!!

Robbin said...

wow i can't believe how clean and organized the items in your purse are! if i dumped mine out it would be a total embarrassment. makeup gets all over my nice things and everything looks dirty as a result. cute post. :)

su said...

thanks for your visit! i like a lot your work! besos

Andee Layne said...

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starblinkee said...

They say that a woman's personality shows in her choice of bag and the things she puts in it. My red clutch is packed with the ff: a kraft paper sketch pad, pencil case with colored pens and liquid eraser, vanity pouch, a copy of reader's digest, a rosary, a small hello kitty hand purse, containing my ids and credit cards, ear phones, and my cell phone.

Allison said...

Oh, I love seeing what's in other people's bags. It's always so cool. My sister and I did this same thing a few months ago. You could definitely tell our personalities just from looking at the items from our purses. Insightful and pretty!


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