Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday little Sister!

i was supposed to have remembered to send these 2 weeks has been they are somewhere across the Atlantic...
wishing you a wonderful day little Sis!
hoping our little Brother is treating you like a he should always...
The girls made you some pictures too...they're in transit with mine.
HUGS...and we're thinking of you.
Char,On...and all the family.x.


Quilt Works said...

Oh what fun card! I'd have loved to get something like that for my birthday

andrea creates said...

Aw, how sweet! Handmade cards are the best!
Thanks for stopping by, -10 degrees is way too chilly for me! It's not quite there yet here but I've been spoiled by California weather for a little while now.It's hard to get used to again :)

Jen Petersen said...

I love this card, thank you sooooo much and the pics the girls did. I c'ant wait to receive them! I left a comment yesterday, did you get it...?Check out paintings by Anna Pugh, your work really reminds me of hers, very illustrative and beautiful!

Lovely chatting to you the other day and hearing how you all are...speak soon. Big warm hugs to you all, it sounds cold there x0x0


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