Monday, October 12, 2009

**Happy Thanksgiving Canada**

we celebrated "Thanksgiving" here in Canada this weekend...I wasn't going to do the whole dinner I've only roasted Turkey a couple of times since being over here in Canada.

but...when my husband requests he loves could I refuse!

I made my own stuffing, but cooked it separately....I didn't take pictures of the Roasts pretty much look all the same.

I did however take a few shots of these gorgeous peaches, which I also submitted as my theme for this week's "Lens Us Together"'s my turn and I chose "In Season".

Little Miss J was there to help at every stage of the journey of the peaches & the peach pie...

they're SO divine at the moment...and look at that amazing colour!

with Miss J helping ... we didn't completely cover the pie filling and had to add extra crust on all the holes the top is not the prettiest. Little miss A saw the bird and I think this helped the fact of having to "try" the pie...she's not so great with texture...and I think the peach are not dry enough for

her...she doesn't like slimy. and then again, with a little chocolate ice-cream...anything goes!

personally...pie goes ONLY with French Vanilla.

What do you like your pie with?


P.S. want the recipe? go HERE


andrea creates said...

I think I like my pie with French Vanilla too:)
Happy Thanksgiving!
We'll be hosting ours in my very first house this year, can't wait!
Take care~

amy and ann said...

Every pie is a perfect pie to me. I love the top crust. Made with love. Happy Thanksgiving.


Pixel Wild Child said...

Very interesting! I don't know how to make roast or pies, I would love to try yours heheheee, the pics look yummi! ;O)Happy you enjoyed it!

RedorGrayArt said...

what a wonderful theme...the pie looks exquisite...french vanilla all the way!

Char said...

vanilla ice cream and pie are just perfect. but last night, i tried lemon ice cream and the apple pie and it was HEAVEN.

the pie is just adorable.

Georgina said...

Oh yum!!! Love peach pie. Well, happy Thanksgiving and many more.

amber {daisy chain} said...

omg. that pie looks amazing!!


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