Thursday, December 10, 2009

Festive and excited!

Char, I am so excited to see you tomorrow... The last few days have been great, as Jack's school has got very festive with carol concerts and his Christmas party, it's the first year he's been totally into Christmas, and I'm loving it! I have been meaning.. (as usual!) to post for ages, but in honour of seeing you and the girls finally I got the pix off the camera! I have been pretty tied up with work recently, always a blessing when it comes in, but I do miss 'free-time' as if it's really free as any Mum knows!!

Beth is now bouncing.. so close to walking but doesn't quite have the confidence and as as year is getting close to passing by it's shocking how time slips past so quickly and that little bundle of baby has grown into a giggling cheeky little girl. I am loving seeing how she and Jack interact, they have little conversations now (obviously she's not talking..but he talks to her and she babbles back) it's too cute!

As for Jack we went to watch his first carol concert yesterday, a line up of amazingly brave little ones faced the paparazzi of proud parents and I have to say my exuberant little man was so funny, I think being inbetween two extremely well behaved little girls made his jumping and very exaggerated actions to the songs more noticeable, but I did think about the possibilities of him having hyperactivity at more than one point in the few minutes that we watched them singing! In the middle of Twinkle Twinkle little star his legs started running on the spot and then he dived out of the line up for a quick toilet break (thank goodness he went) and then once he returned the songs began again. As a parent I will always treasure yesterday and smile when I think about it!
Tam, UK


baili said...

hi cath i agree that being a mom is full time job with no holly days but we know that it is most beautiful job on earth which makes the life meaning full ,your little one is so adorable thanks for dropping by take care

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Tam, can't wait to see you in a couple of's very foggy drive safe!

STEPHANIE. said...

wow, what a beautiful picture!


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