Friday, December 11, 2009

friendly Friday...

What a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon...having eaten lunch around noon, the girls and I walked a good 25 minutes to arrive at sister's door step...always a warm welcome waiting for us as we enter her sweet and warm,cozy house...which used to be the stables of our Childhood house which our parents sold 10 years ago. They converted it into a little 2 bedroom cottage...and now,sister and bro in-law live there with Morton.
I of course forgot my camera...but Tam did promise to post some of the pics when she got the chance.(thanks Tam)
We had a Cappuccino and mini Cinnamon roll as the kids got acquainted took all of 5 minutes! Tam's kids are you saw in the previous post...very joyous and happy(other than Beth when at the end of the day she'd really had enough...poor little thing was exhausted)
Tam, are,and such a positive lady.Exuberant and talented...with always MUCH care for others.
Thank you for coming out to our neck of the woods!
The below pics were made as belated Birthday and Xmas gifts for her 2 sweetnesses.
I think little Miss J fell in love with Jack...even though yesterday she said "I don't really like boys Mummy." And that was that...until this evening when we came back to my parents house...and she wished to show him absolutely every material possession she owned. So cute.
Beth started the ever so endearing "Separation Anxiety" with Tam...hmm...I STILL experience this on a daily basis with Jordan...she is extremely independent and yet I walk 3 steps ahead of her and she is almost in tears...thinking I will desert her!
So...on a BLAAAA note...I have contracted a stomach bug...thanks Boo and Morton...but on the positive's still a good 2 weeks until I have time to recuperate. YAY! Better now than later....apologies in advance to came on suddenly and pray that NONE of you get it.
I am signing off now...I really hope Tam shows you some beautiful illustrations she has been working on for a book....they're WONDERFUL...maybe if you ask her nicely she'll give you all a sneak peak.
The one thing I look forward to next year seeing that we WILL organise a cooking day here or up at's SO difficult with a 10 month year old in tow...but perhaps Mr. R will join us and Ron so that Tam and I and sister could enjoy the afternoon together and they take the kiddos off for a LONG walk...heehee...we'll work towards it.
What do you wish you had done today???
I must go...ciao until next time...


amy said...

oh yuk a bug? hope you get better and what fun to be around family! cute photo!!!
amy :)

Char said...

hope you feel better soon!!!!

lovely shots and to be with the ones you love is always perfect

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks ladies...I appreciate your thoughts and well're two ever so precious Souls...I'm very fortunate!


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