Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twas cold and blighty...

Well...we had a good day at the fayre...LOTS of school Mums and kids running around.
Fortunately for Sis and I the rain stopped 20 minutes before setup time....which was really a blessing seeing as our stand was outside...we however did NOT see the Sun which was behind the roof top of one of the school buildings...(that is also one of the school buildings behind moi in the picture...isn't it quaint!)

As you can see from the photo(or not...sorry I think 55 minutes to wait for the upload is WAY to crazy, we'll try again another day),rather cold I am...all bundled in my puffy jacket...having forgotten hats and mitts!

I sold a couple of prints, and my sister did a grand old job selling the Farm's wares.

I'm looking after him in the morning with the girls so...that will be FUN...lots of giggles. His Mummy, Sis, is going to the SUPER market to purchase ingredients for my Mama's Birthday tomorrow.
Lots of photos for tomorrow.(if I can upload then!)

It's been a good day, and I'm happy to be here with family ...but am missing my most beloved part of my Life...mucho. Hoping Canada is not too fridged tomorrow!

Last but not is a photo of 2 portraits I painted for my parents of their parents a couple of years ago...again I had to imagine colours as the photos were black and white...I love having them hanging on my parents walls...yes,they live in a log cabin.

It's very warm and cozy.

HUGS....until tomorrow!(which is now until this Internet connection is a disaster!!!!Still uploading photos...sorry)
20 minutes later and they are still loading...oh...I know I have said this in a previous post...but HOW I appreciate what speed we have in Canada!

Ok...I'm trying one at a time...seems to finally be working better...

Later today::Birthday Bonanza!!!




Char said...

gorgeous portraits

Amy Perrotti said...

Those are so nicely done! :)

cindy said...

the portraits are wonderful and so special. glad you had a good day. hope today is one, too!


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