Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello England!

We arrived yesterday to a sunny forecast...which is always welcoming. Dad came to meet us at the airport...he looked well...a little tired, but said he felt better.
On Tuesday he'll go in for a scope and a biopsy to double/triple check everything and then get a date for his op.
I'm sure he's a little's wonderful to get to hug him and tell him how much we love him...the girls gave him big hugs's been a year since we saw all my family...way too long.
I met Morton(my sister's little baby) for the first time...he's SO adorable. I'll get some pics of him up soon.
AND my brother's little Tristan and Olivia...they're so sweet. The girls just loved having another playmate to have fun with all afternoon.

I'm trying to upload a photo, I've been working on my *Fayre* box of goodies which I'll be displaying at a local Christmas Fair later today.The Internet connection here is so SLOW(how I appreciate back home) we're in the sticks...but's just finished uploading...yay!(that's my box of goodies above!)
I'll will be at The Ightham School PTA **Christmas Fayre** today, November 6th from 1-4pm...if you're in the neighbourhood, come by and say hello!!!**
My sister will be there too, which will be wonderful, so we can catch up on a whole year!!!!

We saw the Sun again today...raining out as I write but it's supposed to clear in the morning.
Although I saw the Sun, it barely rose above the tallest trees here...quite a different feel to the day.I will take lots of photos because there is definitely a moodiness about the days here in the UK...
The girls are loving seeing their cousins and all the horses, little miss J is impatient and WANTS to ride Hammi the Horse...Ash is quite content playing with our old Lego which Mormor(Grandma in Danish) so kindly dug out for them! See it pays to be a pack rat!
It's SO wonderful to be around my Mum, she's such a wonderful easy going person...who's Birthday is TOMORROW!
Boo and I are cooking her dinner.
Mushroom Risotto with Stuffed Chicken wrapped in Prosciutto with green beans and a delicious Salad...which I have to find a recipe for...
So...I am going to try and get into a routine...this will be my posting time from now on...unless the little ones are at a play date without me(hahaha...not likely!).
I will try and pass by your blogs I have been SO awful and have been neglecting you all(not willingly)but have been thinking about you all and hoping that your start to December has been a good one...and hoping that you all enjoyed your Thanks Giving...if that was part of your Calendar.
I know time will fly by whilst we are I will treasure each day.
Thank for visiting...
I'll be back soon.
P.S. ANY ideas for a delicious salad???


Char said...

how wonderful to be there and visiting your family. i continue to hope and pray your father's surgery go well. i hope you get out to do some landscape photography too.

have fun and enjoy.

Jen said...

I'm glad it it such a wonderful family reunion of sorts. Thanks for the updates...I really appreciate it. I'm still keeping you and yours in my prayers!!!

Tabiboo said...

Welcome back to Blighty!!!

Fingers crossed for your dad and the weather,

take care,

Nina x

ps. caeser is always a good one!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Yes, I think a good Caeser would be yummy!
Thanks for your prays for my father.
HUGS girlies.

PilliPilli Handmade said...

Enjoy the precious time with your family!

And how about a nice cole slaw, a salad of finely cut (white) Cabbage (it's that time in Europe), with a bit of vinegar, some nice olive oil, a pinch of salt, and cumin seeds! My favourite salad of the season and a traditional dish in F.'s family (Straight from Nonna Beppina's secret cookbook...).

Secret tip from the Nonna mentioned above: Cut the cabage into really thin slices, so they take in all the flavour of the 'vinaigrette'...

Hugs, and I'm hoping your father will be well.

J.H said...

sunny in England? you must be very lucky indeed!

cindy said...

i think it's sunny in england because you've arrived and you all are just what the doctor ordered for your dad. hope things go well.

PROVINS said...

Oh LOVE all salats with warm goats chese pear and nuts!!!
And also fresh beetroot crudité, dijon and sourcream!! Hope you have lovely trip!!

Nishant said...

Thanks for the updates...I really appreciate it.

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