Wednesday, January 27, 2010

just do it...

I say to myself...even if it's just a half hour sketch!!!

and SO be it...I have my Tea...Earl Grey (of course) , I've just downed some Dove Dark 71% chocolate(new, never tried...quite yummy) for a little energy...I have the SHOES ready...which little Miss J chose earlier today.

Are you (or should I say  am I ) ready?

I'll be back in Half an Hour...




Dean Grey said...


You are so right about this!

It's easy as an artist to want to do a fully rendered painting which in and of itself can overwhelm us and halt our creativity.

But by creating little works of art or even doing quick sketches as you suggest, can give us little bursts or momentum so we can tackle much larger projects!

You're doing it right, girl!


Char said...

:) sounds wonderful


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